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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I cut a video at a precise time in Sony Vegas?

I'm new to video editing and am trying to sync audio and video. I need to cut the video at exactly 11.807 seconds because that's where the actual footage starts but I can't get the cursor to go on exactly that time. For example, I bring the cursor there but it snaps to 11.744 or 11.837 seconds but it just won't stay at that exact position I need it. The snap tool is off. What do I need to do to get the cursor at precisely a certain time so I can split the video right there?

Best Answer...


no video editor can adjust video any more finely than one video frame. for NTSC that is 0.033 second, for PAL it's 0.04 second. your numbers don't seem to jive with either, but you get my point. the frame is the basic unit of visual editing, you can't subdivide it finer than that. If you are working with video that is in HD compressed format, then it gets even worse. Consumer HD is Group-of-Frames architecture, so that edit points only occur at ever 8 frames in AVCHD for example. that is a step of about 1/4 second which is a reason that HD music videos are a bitch to edit.